Armasen Tactical takes pride in partnering with companies spearheading the MAKE IN INDIA initiative. We have partnered with Armour Manufacturing companies to make the process of procuring Body Armour easier and streamlined for Defence or Law Enforcement Personnel.

Plates Configurations Available

10 x 12 Inch

Swimmer's Cut

NIJ LEVEL 3 SWIMMERS CUT PLATES ICW ( In Conjunction With) Configuration

The Hard Armour plate is specially designed for Maritime Operations. The ‘higher’ tapered cut on the sides of the plates allow the user a wider range of motion. This comes in handy particularly during swimming and water based operations. However, Swimmers Cut Plates have become increasingly popular for land based operations due to its level of protection and increased ergonomics. The plates are required to be backed by a Soft Armour Panel that can be altered to any size required.

10 x 12 Inch

Shooter's Cut

NIJ LEVEL 3+ SHOOTERS CUT PLATES ICW (In Conjunction With) Configuration.

The Shooters Cut Hard Armour Plate is a light weight, tapered & curved Ballistic Hard Armour panel. The plate is to be worn with a Soft Armour Panel Backer as per manufacturer specification which can be altered to fit any shape and size. The plates fit the AT Shooters Cut SF Rig Plate Carrier, This gives the user additional space and mobility to shoulder the weapon more comfortably, improving target acquisition time and bettering weapon control and overall performance of the user.

8 X 7 Inch

Side Plates

The NIJ LEVEL 3+ SIDE ARMOUR PLATES ICW ( In Conjunction With ) Configuration.

The Side Plates provide extra protection/coverage required especially in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Scenarios where the threat perception is higher seen commonly in Built Up Areas. Backed by A Soft Armour Panel, the side armour plates along with our Shooters Cut or Swimmers Cut plates Provides 360 Degree protection and the design of our carriers allow for higher level of ergonomics and movement.

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