Ammunition Pouches

Custom Tailored Mag Pouches.
Available in a variety of Configurations (Single Double Triple Quad) for all standard Defence and Law Enforcement Ammunition
9×19 mm
5.56×45 mm
7.62×39 mm
7.62×51 mm

Also available Grenade Pouches

Universal pistol
mag pouches

Universal Rifle
mag pouches

5.56 x 45MM

7.62 x 39MM

Coming Soon Soon Soon Soon

7.62 x 51MM



Magazine changes happen at some of the most critical points of a gun fight.
Our range of magazine pouches are custom tailored to fit the shape and structure of the intended magazine. The adjustable shock cord allows the user to decide the draw tension of the magazine thus allowing the user to keep it tight during movement and lose during closer encounters when changing magazines is a given.

The detachable/adjustable cover flaps on our mag pouches allow the user to insert higher capacity magazines if required or altogether remove the cover for faster tactical reloads. Available in configurations of Single Double Triple and Quad our mag pouches are the perfect Combat Capacity Enhancer.


1000 D 2 PU Coated High Strength Nylon 66 Fabric
Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing
Independent mag compartments
Removable/ adjustable flap cover for larger or smaller mags
Independent adjustable compression cord
T-190 Lined Inner Compartment
Highly Water Resistant
Drainage eyelet for maritime operations
Molle Compatible




Coming Soon Soon Soon Soon



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